ZB Art Center

The ZB Art Center presents a vibrant mix of galleries, artist’s studios and supply of oil painting reproductions.

Due to refresh and redesign of our website, you might find some sections of our website are missing, but there is a lot of new art related stuff as well.

What’s no longer available? – Life’s garden, specific exhibitions

  • We are no longer involved in renting Life’s Garden for special events like marriages and other ceremonies.
  • Access to specific art exhibitions (Martin Soto and others), that were previously presented live in our center, is not available in our online art gallery.

What’s new? – art galleries, reproductions

  • The galleries of famous painters and other artists are now accessible online to support people who seek verified information about specific artist or his art piece. Read more about it down below.
  • We pivoted our business into fine art reproduction space, to support all you who wants to put a replica of a famous painting in your home and enjoy this amazing experience.

Learn about art reproduction and featured artists in our online gallery