About Us

We at ZB Art Center, aim to create a free-for-all digital space for those who seek comprehensive information about famous painters and their work.

This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding and better curation of pieces that you would like to purchase for your home, work space or establishment.

Here’s how we work

  • We conduct a thorough research process
    We fact check all the information before adding it to the website. Everything we write is verified as fact unless stated otherwise. All this information can be accessed by anybody, free of charge!
  • We offer support and guidance to those looking to buy art
    We aim to change the way you think about art, and we have a comprehensive list of places that provide museum-quality art reproductions in every size, style and price range. If you are looking for a piece to add to your space, send us a message!
  • We support the art reproduction industry
    We support the art reproduction industry as we know that they play a big role in honoring the legacy of classical painters and artworks from decades and centuries past, and keeping them relevant in the digital age.We earn our living by getting a referral fee from artists and sellers whose art reproductions we highly recommend and personally curate based on our customer’s needs.
  • We stray away from bias or personal opinions
    Most painters have websites where analysis for their work are open to debate or comparison. While we do welcome your opinions here, it is important to remember that we are not a website that focuses on one painter alone. Instead, we aim to provide facts and compile all the valuable information about every single painter and their corresponding works for you to access.

Meet Our Team

Zack Bachman
Zack Bachman - Founder

After finishing his studies at Art Institute of Chicago, Zack proceeded to run an Art Center in Illinois. For years, he studied about famous painters, learning about their work, and even going as far as consulting some experts on the field. He then realized that there is barely enough information online about the art reproduction industry.

ZBcenter.org was created for this purpose. To create an interactive community of painters, art reproduction artists and art enthusiasts alike, to help provide useful information about their craft, and eventually promote and sell their products online.

Where can you find us?

ZBcenter.org is fully owned by PROIM Group LLC which was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Delaware.

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