ZBcenter.org was created to offer comprehensive information about famous painters and their work. We are you go-to source to explore everything related to art and get our analysis & opinion about some of the most famous oil paintings and their authors.

On our website you will be able to:

  • Explore famous artists and their work
  • Learn about how we interpret specific paintings and what the artist really wanted to tell
  • Find out where to get museum-quality art reproductions, that are hand made by top professional painters.
  • Get your all questions answered for free
About ZB Art Center

With expertise in art, we are here to offer advice, guidance and support!

Here is what we try to accomplish:

Change the way you think about art and show you our perspective for each and every painting.

These days, when you place a painting in your home without a deep understanding of what the artist wanted to tell us, are over. We're here to advise, support, and make sure you will get a beyond-expectation art reproduction, trusty in colors, details, technique, and overall feeling.

About Zbcenter.org

ZBcenter.org is fully owned by PROIM Group LLC which was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Delaware.

The goal was simple: review finest art works and their artists to develop a clear overview of the art industry and point you to the store where you could get the finest oil painting reproductions on the market.

Meet Our Team

Zack Bachman

Hey there, my name is Zack Bachman! Thanks for visiting my website.

After I ended study at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and run an Art Center here in Illinois, I knew that there isn't everything in existing offline and there are so much opportunities in an online world. For years, I've been studying the famous painters, learning about their masterpieces and talking to experts in this field I saw that everyone is interpreting their art works in different way.

In 2015 I decided to start writing about famous artists and their paintings and I offer information to people around the world, looking for advice. Anyway, hope you find the information gathered on my website useful!

Please contact us with any questions you might have!

Disclosure: I may be a little biased as I get a referral fee from businesses who does the art reproductions. But other than that, I'm here to advise you and help you get a perfect reproduction of any oil painting you might want to have in your home. And I'm sure you'll be completely satisfied of how it suits in your place.

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